30 09, 2014

Internet Exploiter

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THE LATEST ON NET NEUTRALITY (A Q&A) "Should Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like Comcast and Time Warner, be allowed to charge websites for priority access to their customers?" This is 2014's wonky question that has spurred widespread debate across the internet, the FCC, and even the courts.  Put simply, the FCC is currently considering whether ISPs [...]

18 09, 2014


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  From now until October 31, 2014 purchase a Kask Super Plasma Orange (KAS-10203-O), or Kask Super Plasma Hi Viz Lime (KAS-11224-L) Helmet for just $99.95. That's up to $40 in savings! 2014 saw a huge push in terms of raising awareness for fall safety out there in the field. 100% [...]

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