21 12, 2014

Weatherproofing Solutions for Wireless Cell Sites

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Cell site designs are increasingly complex, and constantly demand new weatherproofing solutions to protect the most vulnerable connection points on a tower. Weatherproofing for wireless cell sites has evolved with the industry, and thanks to Connect-It Wireless the needs of these next generation cell site designs are consistently exceeded. With [...]

19 12, 2014

Wired Up

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COPPER GROUND WIRE Connect-It Wireless grounding wire is found in the grounding section of our website and catalog. Competitively priced and readily stocked, we offer a variety of wire sizes and custom lengths. Grounding Wire is ideal for wireless cell site grounding, and offers a variety of solutions perfect for [...]

7 12, 2014

All I Want for Christmas is a Digital Record of My Life

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London, 1854. With no water or sewage systems, the city was poisoning itself in a cholera epidemic. Thousands dead. Drawing on open source medical data, John Snow mapped the cholera deaths, proving that the disease was not caused by "foul air" (the wacky established medical theory at the time). 160 years [...]

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