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For over ten years, Connect-It Wireless has led the way in developing mounting hardware designs for the telecommunications industry. Our products are built to uncompromising quality standards and adhere to some of the strictest building codes in the country. Our designs are engineered to fit multiple applications and fully integrate: one product can accomplish many things.


As the industry evolves, we stay one step ahead to make sure you have
what you need, before you need it.

Are you an Engineer? Great! Read this…

CIW Engineering specifications are designed to assist engineers and project managers when incorporating specific CIW products into their project plans. Please email us at,  or call (866) 781-1300 for your Engineering Package today, complete with PDF and CADD files.


Not an Engineer? Great! Read this…

Product Specifications and Instruction Sheets are available for parts on their product pages. Simply browse or search for part # and click on PDF link on that product’s page. If you don’t see what you need or are unsure about something, give us a call! We’d love to hear from you.

*Please note: Product Specifications and Instruction Sheets are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat® Reader. If you wish to save a PDF instead of opening it in your browser, simply right-click on the link and choose “Save Link As… ” (or “Save Target As… ” in Internet Explorer). To do this the old fashioned way, give us a call!