//Halloween: Gone High Tech!

Halloween: Gone High Tech!

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Minutes after homo erectus marveled their discovery of fire, man has been using their high tech ingenuity to scare the crap out of each other. It should come as little surprise that thousands of years later, we’re up to the same antics. Here are the results of our teched up Halloween musings.

Tech or Treat

What is the Halloween costume market missing? Tech savvy costumes according to Mark Rober, a former NASA employee who renounced Mars exploration to follow his dreams of scaring the pants off the world. Rober highlights include the iWound, the iBeatingHeart, and, our favorite (gruesome grossness alert), this one:

Ghost Drones

Because terrorizing people shouldn’t be limited to the earthbound, according to Tom Mabe who has disguised a near-silent helicopter as the Grim Reaper to haunt cemeteries and public spaces. Watch him scare the life out of unsuspecting victims.


HALLOWEEN2Human ingenuity and high tech bring pranks to a whole new level. Check out this guy’s “pet dinosaur” and his sneak attacks in a public park. On the other hand, tricked up tech could be making Halloween safer. The Trick or Tracker app, for example, allows parents to keep a closer eye on their kids who wander out in the streets on hallows eve.




Haunted Houses on Steroids

HALLOWEEN1Every October, Disney World’s family magic is transformed into a fright-filled night of well choreographed actors covered in fake blood chasing unsuspecting thrill seekers with chainsaws, and howling insanities, at Halloween Horror Nights. Take the cake this year is Knott’s Scary Farm; they’ve been arming guests with infrared-emitting rifles to hunt zombie actors through a six-acre section of the park. The technology used at these choas and gore-filled haunted spaces has dramatically advanced from a decade ago: remember when fog machines and masks did the trick? Scare masters say higher tech is needed to genuinely shock teens who have become thick skinned from exposure to violence and blood in movies and video games.

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