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Product Review: Petzl ASAP Mobile Rope Grab

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Petzl’s ASAP mobile fall arrest device provides constant fall protection. It will arrest falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents on both angled and vertical rope. Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope, it moves freely without any manual intervention, accompanying the user in all of their movements. The ASAP features a unique locking system that sets a new standard in fall protection for workers at height. A few additional features:

  • For use on a lifeline, on vertical or angled rope.
  • Includes the OK TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking carabiner.
  • For use on ropes between 10mm and 13mm.
  • Stops a fall, a slide or uncontrolled descent, even if the device is grabbed during a fall.
  • Use with ASAP’SORBER energy absorbing lanyard.
  • Certification: CE 0082, EN 353-2, EN12841 type A.



Petzl’s ASAP mobile rope grab is designed to move easily along the rope in both directions, so you won’t have to push and pull the device into position. In case of shock or sudden exceleration, the ASAP locks onto the rope. It works even if you instinctively grab onto the device in the event of a fall. Combine it with the ASAP’SORBER energy absorbing lanyard to work at a distance from the rope. This device is easy to use, and after a simple demonstration, really takes the edge off any fears someone new might have who has never been on a rope.


This product may be combined with an ASAP’SORBER energy absorbing lanyard to work at a distance from the rope

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