///Ergodyne 5843 Arsenal® Tool Backpack

Ergodyne 5843 Arsenal® Tool Backpack


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Available on backorder

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If there’s one brand that can make backpacks addictively awesome, it’s Ergodyne. Ergodyne’s Arsenal® Tool Backpack is a dual compartment design that offers hands-free transportation and climbing. It features all of the small interior compartments, pockets, and webbing loops compared to traditional backpacks, yet also incorporates a unique external pocket for carrying over-sized items (18″+) like a small sledge hammer, pipe wrench, and other items of similar destructive capabilities.

The interior contains a total of 26 pockets, 11 webbing loops, and 8 D-Rings. The adjustable chest strap ensures equal weight distribution across the torso, and substantial padding on the back, waist belt, and shoulder straps provide ultra comfortable portability and maneuverability on the job. With its ample storage space, you could load the world into your Arsenal®; but your back would never forgive you. As an alternative, the Arsenal® offers a static load rating of 50 lbs so you can hoist it up instead.

Telecommunications, Mining, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Carpentry, Trades, Construction, Contractors, Maintenance, Mechanics, Electricians, etc.

Product Features:
– Two main compartments house 26 interior pockets and 15 PALS slots for versatile tool storage.
– 7 exterior pockets of different shapes and sizes to accommodate a range of tools.
– Tall tool holster on side panel for carrying tools over 18″ (45cm).
– Includes ring attachment points for carabiners/connectors.
– 4 molded ABS plastic bases.
– Comfortable padding on back, waist belt, and shoulder straps, and features airflow design breathability.
– Padded shoulder straps for increased comfort under heavy weight.
– Features reinforced, weight rated carrying straps for quick movement or hoisting.

Product Specifications:
– Material: 1,200 D (Denier*) ballistic polyester with a PVC backing and YKK zipper.
– Color: Black/Gray.
– Height: 18″ (61 cm).
– Length: 13.5″ (34 cm).
– Width: 8.5″ (22 cm).
– Weight: 7.1 lbs.
– Sold as each.

*What is Denier? We’re glad you asked. Denier is the unit of measure for a fiber’s linear mass density. As a baseline measurement, one strand of 9,000 meter-long silk weighs 1 gram, and defined as having a denier of 1. Generally speaking, the higher the denier, the heavier and more durable the material. Backpacks generally have anywhere from 70D to as much as 1,300D (but can have more or less). Ballistic is a term that signifies the use of “basket weaves,” where the strands criss-cross and overlap to create an even tougher material.

Part # ERG-13743

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