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PMI SMC ANSI Carabiner, 3 Step Auto-Locking, 1.2″ Gate Opening

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Only 6 left in stock


Only 6 left in stock

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SMC’s large steel safety locking carabiner was created to address the need for a very strong steel carabiner without adding unnecessary weight and size. It is built to the same specifications as the standard SMC large locking steel carabiner, but with an additional step of heat-treatment in order to provide an incredible 40% greater strength. Featuring a triple action auto-locking gate and a gate break strength of 16kN, this is one of the burliest ANSI carabiners on the market.

The sleeve locks on the gate rather than the body of the carabiner, eliminating problems of the knob binding on the frame after the carabiner has been loaded. Considered by many to be a “hybrid” design, this steel carabiner incorporates a stainless steel gate and locking sleeve for greater strength, smoother action and long-lasting reliability.

Product Details:
– Manufacturer: PMI.
– Material: Steel.
– Type: 3 Step Autolocking.
– Certification: MBS: 46 kN (10341 lbf).
– Dimensions: 5″ x 3-1/4″.
– Gate Opening: 1.2″.
– Weight: 11.5 oz.
– Sold as each.

*Unless a different certification is given, all CIW carabiners meet ANSI Z359.1, 3.6M gate.

Part # SM21501

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