////Skylotec SkySafe Pro Flex Y-Lanyard w/ Steel Rebar Hooks

Skylotec SkySafe Pro Flex Y-Lanyard w/ Steel Rebar Hooks



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Skylotec SkySafe Pro Flex Y-Lanyard w/ Steel Rebar Hooks.

Product Features:
– Revolutionary, new, patented energy absorber with the large weight range from 50 – 140kg (110 – 310 lbs.) that always withstands a maximum impact of less than 6 kN at a maximum absorber length of 1.75m (5.7 Feet).
– The final impact resistance of 22 kN, also in the absorber, before AND after a fall is exceptional as well. SKYSAFE PRO furthermore meets the most relevant international standards in one SINGLE product.
– UNIQUE: The built-in, adjustable RESCUE LOOPS! As a result, rescuers need not set up a rescue system and hereby save precious time in a rescue!

Product Specifications:
– International Standard: ANSI Z359.13-6/12FTFF:2013, AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, MEETS CSA Z259.11-05-E6:2010.
– Standard: EN 354:2010, EN 355:2002.
– Fall Indicator: Yes.
– Breaking Load, Major Axis: 22 kN.
– Suitable for Edges: Yes.
– Max. Service Life: 4-6 Years.
– Rated load: 140 kg.
– Rescue Loop: Yes.
– Suspension Element: Webbing.
– Size: 1.8m.
– Carabiner on Anchoring Point Side: FS 90 ST ANSI.
– Carabiner on Belt Side: KOBRA TRI.
– Material: Polyester, Steel.
– Webbing material: Polyester.
– Weight: 5.86 lbs.
– Sold as each.

Part # SKY-L-0562-1.8

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