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Safety Glasses: More than just specs appeal

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Safety glasses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and embedded features, with every design intended for a specific purpose, environment, situation, or combination of these factors. While some can be used across a variety of settings, there are a few styles of safety glasses that are intended for very specific circumstances. Make sure you’re wearing the right pair for the job at hand.


Clear Colored Safety Glasses: Clear glasses don’t have any tint or color shading, making them a simple, standard safety glass perfect for impact protection. 3M’s clear protective eyewear (#SF201AF) are a great pick in this category.

Gray Colored Safety Glasses: Gray lenses are designed for indoor and outdoor wear, but have a gray tint that helps reduce glare from the sun or strong lighting. This gray tint explains why you might hear them called “smoke” lenses! Any job that shifts from indoor to outdoor all day long, such as forklift drivers and tower professionals, would find these perfect. Connect-It recommends 3M’s Virtua™ Sport Protective Eyewear, perfect for an on the go job! For a more standard glass, go with 3M’s gray protective eyewear

Amber Colored Safety Glasses: Amber tinted safety glasses are generally worn either indoors, or in low-light conditions. The amber color helps increase contrast to enhance visibility. Try 3M’s protective eyewear if this is what you need!

3.0 and 5.0 IR Filter Safety Glasses: Designed to block heat and mid-infrared wavelengths, IR Filter safety glasses are generally used by welders and cutters. Although they don’t replace the protective shield of a mask, they offer more protection for anyone else in the same work space. 5.0 offers a higher tint than 3.0.

Blue Mirror: Coated with a blue mirror, these lenses reflect light by reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens, thus reducing glare and eye strain. These are perfect for those bright sunny July Florida days!

Silver Mirror: Similar to the blue mirror glasses, these are coated in a silver mirror to significantly cut back light and reduce glare. The difference is only in visual preference.

Red or Orange Safety Glasses: These glasses use a gray lens with a reflective layer of silver and a red or orange coating. This not only reduces the amount of light that passes through the lenses, but provides a high contrast that helps with color recognition. Use these glasses when you’re outdoors on a bright sunny day, and color distinguishing is important (such as being able to quickly see the difference between lug or wire colors.

For situations where extra light is needed, go for 3M’s Light Vision Protective Eyewear, an illuminating choice for both indoor and outdoor work!

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