///Heat Shrink Tubing: How it was Invented & Why We Use It
Heat Shrink Tubing: How it was Invented & Why We Use It2018-08-28T15:10:36+00:00

Heat Shrink Tubing: How it was Invented & Why We Use It

Heat shrink tubing is also commonly called heat shrink tubing and is used to insulate exposed wires to ensure environmental safety and abrasion resistance for connections, stranded and solid conductors and joints or terminals. This particular heat shrink tape is used in the electrical engineering field. You will find heat shrink tape being used in many businesses as well as private homes. The tape offers protection against shocks and unexpected electrical fires, should wires touch each other when they shouldn’t. The tubing consists of nylon or polyolefin – the diameter of this tubing shrinks when heated.  This tubing can actually be quite successfully manufactured in a range if thermoplastics including PVC, FEP and Neoprene to name but a few.

You might be wondering where exactly heat shrink tubing and tubing originates from – and we have the answer for you. Heat shrink tubing was invented in the late 1950’s by Paul Cook of Raychem, a chemical corporation. The company at the time was known for making lightweight aircraft cable and tubing that could shrink when heated. Since the 1950’s the product has become widely sought after for its insulating properties. You can find heat shrink products found in various electrical stores, but it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the right kind for the right application.

Today, heat shrink tubing and tubing is manufactured by a variety of companies, not just Raychem, and the quality thereof must be checked before you decide to make a purchase. Industry leaders will be able to provide you with access to a range of the finest grade shrink tubing on the market. Professionals in the electrical field will make use of quite a bit of this particular tubing and it should therefore be acquired at an affordable rate. At Connect-It Wireless, we ensure that the finest quality shrink tape is provided to the market at a cost-effective rate.

Get Top Quality Heat Shrink Tubing from Connect-It Wireless

At Connect-It Wireless, we specialize in the supply of heat shrink tubing in various lengths and diameters. The heat shrink tubing that we supply can be used in a variety of electrical applications with great success. We are also available to advise you on which items to use for your application. While our products are well priced, we also offer clients the opportunity to apply for credit and benefit from the advantage of easy repayment terms. On our product range you will find 3m black heat shrink, 3m clear heat shrink, 1/2″ black heat shrink, 3/4″ black heat shrink, 1-1/2″ black heat shrink, 1-1/2″ clear heat shrink and 1-1/2″ heavy duty black heat shrink.

Each of these types of shrink tubing products or shrink tubing is designed to provide effective insulation in your electrical installation endeavors. You can expect exceptional product quality and value for money when investing in products from the Connect-It Wireless range.

For more information and advice on our heat shrink tubing, contact us at Connect-It Wireless today.

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