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Welcome, 2015! A New Year, a New Outlook…

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What is it about ringing in the new year that makes us feel inspired and optimistic for the year ahead? Before the winter-induced SAD disease takes hold, here are just a few reasons to be hopeful for 2015…

Welcome to the Era of Smart Cities

Advances in wireless and infrastructure are allowing cities to collect and analyze huge amounts of data capable of improving urban life (thanks to, what else, IoT). Last year, for example, Los Angeles became the first city to synchronize its traffic lights. 4,500 of them. ). Across the world, Singapore is testing smart systems for managing waste disposal and parking. NYC is using mobile air pollution monitors to identify neighborhoods most affected by smog so residents can modify their commuting paths to avoid exposure to high amounts of pollution. Chicago, D.C., and Seattle are also jumping on board. Read more…

T-Mobile will continue to see growth; Sprint will stabilize

T-Mobile, which as seen significant revenue and subscriber growth over 2014, will continue to maintain its positive momentum. At the same time, Sprint Corp, which has been struggling for some time now, is expected to stabilize for both subscribers and revenue. On that note, Moody’s also expects smaller wireless carriers to “remain under pressure.”

IoT to Lead the Way

Businesses in the telecom industry should be mindful that our sector is becoming much more of an interconnected ecosystem. Rather than going at it alone, companies will find more success in strategic and intelligently formed alliances that offer increased value to themselves, and to customers. With mobile touching just about every aspect of our lives, there are a slew of opportunities for value-added joint efforts.

Telecom Moves to Cuba!

You didn’t think we’d miss this one, did you? After President Obama announced last month that the US’ relations with Cuba will change, it was also announced that telecom companies could start setting up infrastructure projects to begin phone and internet services in Cuba. While it’s hard to imagine going a few minutes without our phones, the Cuban people have had limited telecom options available. Until now?

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