//When Old Inventions Become Modern Day Game-Changers

When Old Inventions Become Modern Day Game-Changers

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If necessity is the mother of invention, convenience is the father. Let’s be honest…a lot of the great technologies and cool gadgets that have come our way in the last 60 years aren’t just about scientific discovery. They actually make our lives easier. Sometimes old inventions can be used in new ways, and it changes whole industries (take fiber, for instance…it changed speed, capacity, and the way we run cable up the tower). Here’s a list of some of the greatest inventions in the last half century or so that have changed the wireless world in some way.



1955 – Velcro

The creator was inspired by those annoying burrs that stuck to his dog’s legs. Velcro is now used on everything from shoes to cable management.



1955 – TV Remote Control

Okay, so it’s technically not related to “wireless”, but it’s unarguably one of the greatest inventions of all time. Children were no longer used to change the channel and the phrase “channel surfing” was coined. Saturday afternoons got a whole lot lazier.



1958 – Super Glue

This has so many uses we can’t even begin to describe them, but suffice it to say you’ve probably needed it at one time or another.



1959 – Computers

Next time you pick up that lap top, remember the first computer weighed nearly 30 tons. In 1959, all of that was condensed onto one tiny chip. In 1977, computers began to have a place in the home, and in 1981, the term “PC” for “personal computer” was coined by IBM. Now you can take your computer anywhere, or use your phone to do the same things. How’s that for progress?



1961 – Cordless Tools

Black and Decker released the first cordless drill, making 20 watts the go-to in battery power. DIYers everywhere rejoiced.



1962 – LED

Those blinking lights on telecommunications towers? You can thank Nick Holonyak for that. Holonyak developed light-emitting diode technology, which was first used in portable calculators and is now used, well, everywhere.



1964 – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The first UAV’s, known in today’s language as “drones,” were developed in only 90 days, flying over 34,000 surveillance missions in Vietnam. This technology is now proving to be useful in tower surveys.



1965 – Kevlar

We have one word for you: helmets. When working at height, sometimes things get dropped. You can thank DuPont for this extreme head protection. (See PMI’s Ventilator and Advantage helmets here.)



1970 – Fiber Optics

Corning developed this ultrapure glass. Who knew 46 years later we’d be running it up towers by the thousands of feet?



1973 – Cell Phone

Developed by Motorola, it’s the reason we all have jobs. Enough said.



1978 – GPS

From coordinates and maps to a pleasant voice telling you where to go (with the accent of your choice)…GPS has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Now it’s even easier to find cell sites, and now GPS technology is accurate to within 9 feet.

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