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Connect-It Wireless grounding wire is found in the grounding section of our website and catalog. Competitively priced and readily stocked, we offer a variety of wire sizes and custom lengths.

Grounding Wire is ideal for wireless cell site grounding, and offers a variety of solutions perfect for your every need. We stock both stranded and bare (solid) wire, including Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon-coated (THHN). THHN wire features a specific insulation material and has its own temperature rating and conditions of use (e.g. suitable in damp locations). It has a better insulation quality which allows it to carry a slightly heavier amperage load. THHN is typically used at voltages ranging from 110 – 600. Most of our grounding wire is THHN rated and suitable for use in dry locations up to 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit) or wet locations up to 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit).

Solid Tinned Wire and (THHN) Green Stranded wire are available in spools of up to 1,000′. Customizable lengths are also available (50′ increments)… just ask for “pricing by the foot!”

Current Inventory of Copper Ground Wire:
#6 THHN Green Stranded
#2 THHN Green Stranded
#2 Stranded Bare Tinned
#2 Solid Tinned
2/0 THHN Green Stranded
4/0 THHN Green Stranded



CIW offers a range of high strength grounding clamps:

Ilsco’s Conduit Hub is manufactured from cast brass, and UL Listed and CSA Certified for up to 600 volts. Designed specifically for copper conductors, it is a conduit hub for 2-1/2″ to 4″ rigid conduit. It accepts 10 solid to 4 AWG stranded conductor sizes.

CIW’s Cast Brass Ground Clamps are UL Listed and CSA Certified for up to 600 volts. Constructed from cast brass, they provide maximum conductivity and strength, and ensure reliability for copper conductors. Wire sizes 10 to 2 AWG can be used with these ground clamps. Using brass grounding clamps ensures they will not corrode when used with copper, galvanized, or aluminum wires. These clamps are specifically designed for grounding bare copper wire to pipe, rod, or even rebar.

Copper Split Bolts and Tin Plated Copper Split Bolts are manufactured from high strength copper alloy, providing maximum conductivity and high breakage resistance. Used to make bonding connections between two copper ground wires, they are ideal for power or grounding electrical connection applications, such as splicing, tapping, and terminating conductors.



CIW stocks only the latest and greatest in grounding materials for the wireless telecommunications industry. Take a look at our product lines:

ThermOweld Exothermic Weld Molds
Grounding Wire
Grounding Clamps
Grounding Lugs
Grounding Kits
Buss Bars
All Grounding

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